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Sense 1.20.0

Postby Dave Ewins » Sat Oct 17, 2015 6:49 am

Sense is a Two Pane Outliner - Rich Text Editor with documentation structurally organized into collapsible tree hierarchies of both full detail and outline.

This latest Sense Release (Version 1.20) consolidates previous version features with a set of new capabilities to support a Writing Workflow for Authoring Essays, Theses or Journal articles with In-Text Citation and Reference Listing.

The new features include Subdocument Creation and Merge, assignment of Primary Source Detail to Sense documentation used as secondary sources of Reference Material, In-text Citation, automated Bibliographic listing and OpenXML Bibliography File generation.

ViewPoints, Senses's Virtual Document workspace, may be used as a Reference Material Catalogue with documentation assigned Primary Source Detail to support in-text citation and bibliographic listing.

The categorisation of Annotation and closely associated Text Marking (Highlighting) enables selected extracts within secondary source documentation to be searched and automatically included into the ViewPoints categorised tree hierarchy.

And when the bulk of the writing task has been completed, the documentation may be converted to a Microsoft Word compatible document format using the Rich Text Format Plugin.

Sense's offline Help provided with the Download Installation describes how the various features may be used as part of the workflow.

A new Markdown Plugin is available enabling conversion to and from Sense Document Format.

The HTML Plugin has been radically modified by the removal of XHTML qualification to provide more predictable saving of web page Text into Sense.

Coupled with the generation of an OpenXML Biblography file and export conversion using the latest RTF Plugin , Sense documentation containing In-Text Citation and Bibliographic Listings may be opened in third-party editors.
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