Sense 1.14.0 Release

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Sense 1.14.0 Release

Postby Dave Ewins » Tue May 01, 2012 3:51 am

Sense 1.13.0 introduced major enhancements with Outline, ScratchPad and ViewPoints* views allowing highly flexible document navigation and editing within the two (treeview browser, text editor) pane edit environment. Sense 1.14.0 is a consolidation of that release to improve performance and usability with:
  • ViewPoint cloning to simplify intra and inter-document editing within a single workspace.
  • System changes to speed response for many actions.

Particularly for those with a preference for single pane editing (browser pane closed), new (Explorer View Mode) left margin controls allow direct expansion and collapse of associated material such as sections and multilevel lists.

And to pull Sense into line with common editorial functionalities, shortcuts are now provided for:
  • Left / Right Word Selection using the Ctrl+Shift+Left / Right keys.
  • Word Selection via Mouse Double Click.
  • Line Selection via Mouse Triple Click.

The scale of changes for the 1.13.0 release inevitably introduced new software bugs: many have been subsequently identified and fixed during the leadup to the 1.14.0 release. Some long term bugs have also been discovered and fixed. Brief details of these fixes along with enhancements are detailed in the Sense Help release notes.

Alongside the Sense 1.14.0 Release, new versions of the Rtf Plugin plus Sense To Webpage and Sense To Rss Tools are also released.

All these latest releases are available from the Silva Elm Downloads page.

* ViewPoints is specific to Sense Professional Edition: when Sense is installed as an Evaluation version, functionality may be switched between Personal and Professional Editions via the help menu.
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