Sense 1.17 Production Release with Text Tagging

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Sense 1.17 Production Release with Text Tagging

Postby Dave Ewins » Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:42 am

Sense's annotation capabilities have been significantly upgraded for this release to provide Text Tagging in both Personal and Professional Editions.

With the introduction of metadata support, tags may be optionally categorized and filtered using the newly available QDA Plugin.

Also, the upgraded versions of both the RSS Feed and OPML Document Editor plugins may be now be used with Sense Personal.

Maintenance changes within this Sense 1.17 Production Release Download provide:
  1. improved support for Linking Other Applications to Sense document items.
  2. fixes for shortfalls in ViewPoints hyperlinking support.
  3. expanded ViewPoints capability for Multi-document Editing.
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