Sense 1.18.0 Release

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Sense 1.18.0 Release

Postby Dave Ewins » Wed Jun 12, 2013 3:44 pm

Sense 1.18.0 is now released with new features:

1. Table Editing: Includes Row / Column and Multiline Cell edit capabilities.
2. Revised File Handling: Different file extensions are now supported subject to plugin installations for File Open, Save and Save As. (See Problem Note1)
3. Text Search, Tag and Categorization is now incorporated into a new combined Find /Replace /Go To/ Tag dialog accessed via the Edit menu.

Problem Note 1: File Save As behaviour is erratic and may cause an application crash: The intermediate solution was to ensure a supported extension is explicitely included in the file name.

The Sense Maintenance Release 1.18.1 fixing Problem Note 1 is currently available for download.
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