Sense 1.19 (Beta) Release

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Sense 1.19 (Beta) Release

Postby Dave Ewins » Thu Feb 06, 2014 3:33 pm

The 1.18.2 (designated 1.19 Beta 1) Release introduces a radically enhanced Open Document dialog with an integrated web browser.

When the Internet short cut icon is selected within the Open Document dialog, the web browser replaces the normal directory / file listing -- Urls may be edited into the Path control and then navigated on Go.

When used in conjunction with the HTML Plugin, web page material may be saved directly into Sense.

During the conversion, the source html is subject to XHTML Validation and Resolution to tidy often badly produced markup. On occassions, source files will fail to validate and users are invited to send url details to Silva Elm to aid a continuous program of plugin improvement.

On successful conversion, each line of text within the new Sense document is assigned an identity to enable straightforward cross-reference from other Sense documents.

Headings within the Html are used to group connected content into section based tree hierarchies within Sense.

Hyperlinks within the Html are maintained intact with relative links converted to absolute enabling direct navigation back to the internet.

More information regarding HTML Plugin conversion is available within the Html Help.

More information regarding changes within Sense may be found in the 1.18 Release section of the Sense Help.

Downloads for Sense 1.19 Beta and compatible plugins are available from the Beta Download Page.
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