Sense 1.19 Beta 2 Release with x64 and x32 Installations

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Sense 1.19 Beta 2 Release with x64 and x32 Installations

Postby Dave Ewins » Wed Mar 26, 2014 3:28 pm

The 1.19 Beta 2 Release (actual version 1.18.3) heralds the introduction of 64 bit Sense to run on 64 Bit Windows Operating Systems Vista, 7 and 8.

All previous Sense releases have been 32 bit only and although would run on 64 bit Operating Systems in the WOW64 32 bit emulation layer, a 2 GB memory limitation rendered Sense susceptible to running out of memory for only moderately sized documents.

This 32 bit memory limitation is shared with other applications so migration to 64 bit applications becomes ever more important as data processing demands increase and out-of-memory issues become more frequent.

Sense and its plugin downloads are subdivided into two sets:

  1. 32 Bit (x32) for installation on both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows Operating Systems running in the WOW64 32 bit emulation layer.
  2. 64 Bit (x64) for installation only on 64 bit Windows Operating Systems.

Sense's Help | Software Update check is maintained for Production Releases only, so it is important to refer to the Changes Overview compatibility tables accessed via Sense's Help | Release News, Support and Feedback to ensure correct Plugin versioning.

When upgrading Plugin versions, be sure to install from the correct (x32) or (x64) download. If you are unsure of the Sense installation, the Help About indicates its x32 or x64 "bitness": for versions previous to 1.18.3 it is x32.

The 1.19 (Beta 2) downloads may be found on the Silva Elm Beta Download Page.
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