Sense Rtf Plugin 1.12.0 Release

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Sense Rtf Plugin 1.12.0 Release

Postby Dave Ewins » Tue May 01, 2012 4:47 pm

Since the 1.11.0 release, significant enhancements have been incorporated into the Rtf Plugin to improve Sense document import and export for the widely supported Rich Text Format.

Despite this wide support , it is typical to find subtle differences in Rtf implementation between editors such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, Atlantis and, of course, Microsoft WordPad. Conversion between Rtf and the Sense XML document format is less than straightforward so, at best, upgrades to the Rtf Plugin have generally been piecemeal driven by specific user problems as they are reported: this approach will naturally continue.

However, Sense documents are highly structured with content, such as paragraphs and sections, manifested as closely managable objects that may be easily styled. In contrast, style configuration in other editors can be daunting even to the most experienced users, so it was decided that the Rtf plugin should provide improved style export to both simplify post export document finishing and the establishment of styles within a favoured editor.

The result is that with the 1.12.0 RTF Plugin, Sense Documents may be exported with a List Style Gallery and set of Paragraph Styles with recognisable MS Word descriptions. With straightforward style configuration including level specific settings for section headings, numbered paragraph and bulleted lists, well styled documents may be prepared using the Sense Editor in advance of export.

1.12.0. also includes improved style normalisation during import resolving many differences between Rtf and Sense styling techniques. However, some post import rework may remain necessary according to the chosen normalisation option and original document style.

The Rtf Plugin is free and installation straightforward with an existing Sense installation.

Latest versions of the Rtf Plugin and Sense are available from the Silva Elm Download page.
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