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OPML Document / RSS Feed Reader

PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2012 7:02 pm
by Dave Ewins
The OPML Plugin provides a Viewer Pane that integrates into Sense to provide dual purpose functionality as a web browser and OPML Document / RSS Feed Reader.

To demonstrate the OPML Viewer functionality, the Silva Elm website displays an OPML icon that when clicked from within the Viewer Pane displays the OPML content as navigable Html. RSS Feeds are also rendered to HTML.

Important Note: Make sure you are using Version 1.7.0 of the OPML Plugin and the latest Sense 1.17 Beta: these are currently available via the QDA Editor Plugin webpage as part of the QDA / Sense 1.17 rollout. Aside of a few fixes to the OPML Plugin, the OPML may also be used with both Sense Personal and Sense Professional.

To read the Silva Elm OPML:

  1. Open a New Opml Document within Sense via the File menu accepting the default Name.
  2. Select the Viewer tab within the right pane of the Edit Environment.
  3. Within the toolbar, enter as the Url and then Go
  4. Click the Opml icon within the webpage to read the OPML.
  5. Navigate the links within the displayed OPML Html.
  6. When finished, Exit Sense rejecting the prompt to save the new OPML document (unless you want to that is!)

While providing a link to the Silva Elm RSS Feed, the OPML document provides much more by providing categorized listings of pages and items that may be of interest.

The OPML icon is the creation of the OPML Icon Project.