How to Select Outline Branch for Print and Export

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How to Select Outline Branch for Print and Export

Postby Dave Ewins » Wed Jan 02, 2013 4:01 pm

Sense documents are truly structural with Sections and lists hierarchical as branches within a tree structure.

The Sense QDA Editor Plugin may be used to print / export branches of a Sense document as a possibly more convenient and flexible alternative to using ViewPoints.

The RTF Plugin should also be installed if RTF Export is required - presence and version of Plugins within a Sense Installation may be checked via the Help | Check for Software Updates menu option.

Any Sense (Default Editor Style) Document may be enabled for QDA support via Sense's Tools menu:

  1. Tag the line to be printed or exported by simply creating an annotation somewhere within the line -- if the line is a Section (Heading) or part of a list hierarchy, all the underlying content is included as part of the tag. The tag may be invisible or visible by association to in-line highlighted text - the tag type chosen is a matter of convenience.
  2. Open the Annotation Editor and add a category -- categories may be created via the Metadata Editor accessed from within the Annotation Editor.
  3. Share the document to the lower Edit Environment.
  4. Select the Lower Edit Environment Content Browser tab.
  5. Select the Tag Extracts Edit Workspace tab.
  6. Select the Category within the dropdown filter combo within the Secondary (centrally placed) Toolbar to filter the Tag Extracts.
  7. Print or Export (as RTF) may now be selected from Sense's main file menu.

Mutiple lines may be included from the working document by further tagging and assignment of the same or different categories.
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