How to Create Headed Hierarchy from a Text File

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How to Create Headed Hierarchy from a Text File

Postby Dave Ewins » Mon Mar 03, 2014 4:28 am

A Plain Text file may be used to create a headed Section hierarchy within Sense.

Sense has no defined limit to the number of Section levels possible albeit only the first 6 levels may be individually configured via the document style.

All levels beyond level 6 assume the level 6 styling.

The TXT Plugin (See Note) is required for Space/Tab Indented Text File Import with support manifested as a Files of Type option within the Open Document Dialog.

Heading levels are defined by the amount of tab or space indenting of each line within the "imported" text file.

On TXT file open, an option is provided to import the content as an Outline or a Flat hierarchy - use the Outline option.

The opened text file may be modified and saved back as a text file or Saved As a Sense Document.

Note: it is advisable to check Sense and the Plugin Version compatibility from the Download / Beta Download (if present) pages.
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