Sense - a One / Two Pane Outliner / Rich Text Editor

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Sense - a One / Two Pane Outliner / Rich Text Editor

Postby Dave Ewins » Mon May 07, 2012 5:38 pm

Sense supports a writing workflow within a flexible editing environment that is is readily switchable between one and two pane working.

With two panes, the edit environment comprises tree structure on the left and content on the right. The panes are highly synchronised so navigation and structural editing within one pane is tracked closely by the other. Expansion and contraction of headed sections and multilevel lists are also tightly synchronised between panes while the Explorer View Mode is selected.

When a less cluttered environment is preferred, the single pane content view still allows structural editing using short-cuts and toolbar options and sections and multilevel lists can still be expanded and collapsed easily via adjacent left margin icons.

The single editing environment may be horizonally split into two for:
  • Two documents to be edited concurrently
  • Re-opening the current document into the lower edit environment for editing / viewing at different locations as well as enabling access to ViewPoints.

ViewPoints may be used for editing /viewing different parts of documentation in isolation of a parent document as well as providing Reference Manager support to a writing workflow requiring in-text citation and bibliography.
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