How to Selectively Print and Export document content

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How to Selectively Print and Export document content

Postby Dave Ewins » Fri Jan 04, 2013 8:07 am

There are three methods by which dispersed document material within Sense may be selected for printing and export.

The method described in this topic uses the Sense Multi-Select feature.

The other two methods are based on:
  1. ViewPoints.
  2. The QDA Editor Plugin.

To Multi-Select:

  1. Select a Node within the Content Browser pane.
  2. Use the Context Menu Multi-Select option or a ShortCut -- Shortcuts are detailed within the Sense Help within About Common Actions.
  3. Multi-Selected material is by default highlighted in orange but this may be changed via Tools | Options | UserData.
  4. The highlighted material may now be exported or printed via the main File menu.
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