Using ViewPoints as a Document Builder

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Using ViewPoints as a Document Builder

Postby Dave Ewins » Fri Feb 01, 2013 11:05 am

Sense Professional's ViewPoints may be used to assemble a new document from parts of other Sense Documents.

Material gathered into ViewPoints is treated as a document in its own right:

  1. ViewPoints Document Styling is inherited from the Working Document opened within the Upper Edit Environment and overrides style settings of material irrespective of source (eg the Working Document or External Sense Document).
  2. Sections and numbered paragraphs are renumbered within the ViewPoints context according to the inherited style.
  3. The assembled material may be printed and exported (currently as RTF).
  4. Content printed and exported is from the Edit Workspace being dependendent on the ViewPoints Browser tree expansion state.

Control over the hierarchical organization of documentation is not as rigorous as that employed for the main document Content views so, depending on purpose, some care may need to be taken to ensure a logical document tree-structure is achieved.
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