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Recording web-page content into the Sense Reference Manager

PostPosted: Tue Nov 03, 2015 4:35 pm
by Dave Ewins
In addition to conventional open file dialog capabilities, the Sense Open Document dialog incorporates an integral web browser.

When Sense is used In conjunction with its separately installable Html Plugin, web-page text may be directly saved as a local Sense document for reference from a "Master Sense Document" within an authoring workflow: attribution details automatically assigned to this new document may include access date and page URL.

The Master Document's ViewPoints assumes the role as Reference Manager: items may be added into its categorized hierarchy from any (not just from the web) intermediate / secondary source documentation by:

  • Manual inclusion of either a whole document or selected fragments.
  • Keyword / Phrase Search through the documentation.
  • Category Search through Marked Text - secondary source documentation may be pre-analysed for text of special significance and marked with a topic based category.

Attribution (Primary Source) details will need completion for Reference Managed (ViewPoints) items to provide the necessary information for in-text citation and bibliographic listing that may vary between Citation Styles (eg APA, MLA) and source type (eg book, online, journal).