Sense Outlining and Subdocuments

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Sense Outlining and Subdocuments

Postby Dave Ewins » Thu Nov 05, 2015 11:19 am

When outlining or detailed editing using Sense, it may be useful to split a "Master" document into topic / theme specific Subdocuments to improve the writing workflow.

Subdocuments may be easily created from Sense section headings and inherit from the "Master" information needed for seemless writing:
  • All underlying documentation within the converted Section.
  • Document settings and styling including those for Citation and Bibliographic listing.
  • Topic / Theme metadata used for categorizing Marked Text and Reference Material held within ViewPoints.
  • File Encoding and Language.
  • ViewPoints documentation and notes including primary source attribution related to cited references within the separated out section.

Subdocuments may be edited insitu without the need to open new windows or instances of Sense and may be merged back into the Master Document at any point.
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